Osteoporosis Treatnebt


Alarming Prevalance

Public Health Threat For 44 Million Americans And Increasing !

55% Of 50Yrs Or Older Have Osteoporosis
10 M (8M Women & 2M Men) Have Osteoporosis
34 M Have Low Bone Mass
1 Out Of 2 Women And 1 Out 4 Men Over 50 Will Have Osteoporosis Related Fractures
Significant Risk In All Ethnic Backgrounds
Bone Loss Is Age Related

$17 Billion
Health Cost Of Fractures

$47 Million / Day & Rising
Estimated National Direct Expenditure (Hosp & Nsgh) For Osteoporotic & Associated Fractures

Gradual Anterior Compression
It Is Complicated By Fragility Fractures That Can Occur In The Absence Of Trauma Or Following Minimal Trauma

Changes within cancellous bone as a consequence of bone loss.

Individual Trabecular Plates Of Bone Are Lost, Leaving An Architecturally Weakened Structure With Significantly Reduced Bone Mass
Increasing Evidence Suggests That Rapid Rates Of Bone Remodeling (As Measured By Markers Of Bone Resorption Or Formation) Increases Bone Fragility And Fracture Risk.

OVER 300,000 HIP Fx (37,500 DEATHS)

Primary Osteoporosis

Is associated with the process of normal aging.†
Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that play important roles in regulating the rate at which bone is lost in women.†
Estrogen supresses the osteoclasts (breaks bone down)
Progesterone influences osteoblasts to make new bone.† Other hormones are important too.†

Factors You Cannot Control:-

-Being a female
-Caucasian or Asian background
-Thin petite body build
-Family history of osteoporosis
-Early menopause
-Lactose intolerance

Risk Factors You Can Control:-

-Low calcium diet and or vitamin D deficiency
-High caffeine use, carbonated drinks
-Excessive alcohol consumption
-Chronic dieting
-Estrogen or testosterone deficiency
-Sedentary lifestyle

Teens (age 12-19) consumption of milk and soft drinks (ounces per day)

Types of Bone Mineral Density Tests

Several different types of machines are available
Central machines measure density in hip, spine and total body
Peripheral machines measure density in the finger , wrist, knee cap, shin bone and heel

Educational Message to Congress and State Houses is simple yet powerful

Osteoporosis and low bone mass are currently estimated to be a major public health threat for almost 44 million Americans aged 50 and over
A womanís risk of hip fracture is equal to her combined risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer
The direct medical costs for osteoporosis and 1.5 million associated fractures is $ 17 billion (with each hip fracture totaling $40,000 in medical costs alone)

Youíre never too young or too old to do something about� OSTEOPOROSIS TIME IS NOW



Onaly A. Kapasi M.D.

Dr. Kapasi is a Harvard and Tufts trained board certified orthopaedic surgeon.

Chander M. Kapasi M.D., M.P.H

Specializes in Preventive Medicine, and Comprehensive Pain Management

A.W. Ajeena M.D

Dr. Ajeena is a Harvard and UK trained board certified orthopaedic surgeon.