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Oni as his friends know him does not believe that he is a poet , but accepts that he loves writing poetry.

Onaly Kapasi was born in Mombasa a sleepy coastal town in Kenya. He traveled to the U. S. A. from Nairobi, Kenya in 1975 on a Harvard Orthopaedic Fellowship at the Boston Children's Hospital Medical Center.

When asked of his heritage he states that he is truly a Boston Brahmin, because of the fact that he has lived most of his adult life in Boston and that he is a proponent of the Indian Vedic heritage. Poetry is his passion and a pressure release valve to the arduous and demanding work of his medical profession. He jokingly states that he is invited more oftenin the recent past to recite personal poems than give medical talks. He shares his good fortune by carrying out medical charity work in Boston, Africa and India where he is a cosponsor and a frequent visitor to one of the AAPI's free care clinic in the Himalayan town of Mandi.

He wishes that his readers derive equal or greater enjoyment reading his poems just as he derives enjoyment from writing them.


Onaly A. Kapasi M.D.

Dr. Kapasi is a Harvard and Tufts trained board certified orthopaedic surgeon.

Chander M. Kapasi M.D., M.P.H

Specializes in Preventive Medicine, and Comprehensive Pain Management

A.W. Ajeena M.D

Dr. Ajeena is a Harvard and UK trained board certified orthopaedic surgeon.