Dedicated to Mother Theresa

Charity By: Onaly Kapasi, M.D.

True charity emanates from deep within our heart
To give is not part but impart
This unique ability of sharing
Is not a token but an expression of caring

The period between birth and death encompasses all
Life's relentless journey will rise and will fall
Give generously today that you may receive tomorrow
Give generously today that you may never need to receive tomorrow

Give not to glorify your being
True giving is without others hearing or seeing
Measure all giving not by the size of the gift
But the love that makes your soul uplift

Each incarnate passage of life an attempt to cleanse the Aatma
A sequential purification to reach all that is pure Parmatma
Each of us will live a life of our own choosing
Each life an attempt to ascend withou losing.


Onaly A. Kapasi M.D.

Dr. Kapasi is a Harvard and Tufts trained board certified orthopaedic surgeon.

Chander M. Kapasi M.D., M.P.H

Specializes in Preventive Medicine, and Comprehensive Pain Management

A.W. Ajeena M.D

Dr. Ajeena is a Harvard and UK trained board certified orthopaedic surgeon.