A. Kapasi M.D.

Dr. Onaly Kapasi served on the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine where he chaired the Medical Licensing Committee and Committee for Graduate Medical Education Chaired the AAPI Awards, Medical Ethics and Chaired CME program at the Indian National Sports Authority on Sports Medicine.

Paper, “Psoriatic Hands� won a National Prize at the Hand Association meeting Chaired Grant Medical Alumni Association, Society of Indian Orthopedic Surgeons (SOSINA) and the Indian Medical Association of New England. Invited to present talks at The Global Health Summit in Kochi

Chander M. Kapasi, MD, MPH

Pertinent information – Past president of the Indian Medical Association, Chair Board of Trustee, AAPI,
Member and treasure of the AAPI Charitable Trust
In charge of the AAPI Mandi Clinic
Awardee AAPI Most Distinguished Physician Award
Awardee Distinguished Service Award IMANE
Chaired Massachusetts Governor’s sub-committee on Women’s Health and Fitness
Awardee of multiple community service awards


Most Distinguished Physician Award

Recipient of the Indian Medical Association of New England’s 2009 Distinguished Humanitarian Service
Onaly A. Kapasi, MD a nominee for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery’s Humanitarian Service Award recently received the Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award from the Indian Medical Association of New England (IMANE) on November 21, recognition of his humanitarian services in Boston, India and Africa. He is also a recipient of the 2004 Leadership Award from IMANE. More Information Click Here

Dedicated to Mother Theresa
Charity By: Onaly Kapasi, M.D.

True Charity Emantes from deep within our heart

To give is not part but impart

This unique ability of sharing

Is not a token but an expression of earing

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Onaly A. Kapasi M.D.

Dr. Kapasi is a Harvard and Tufts trained board certified orthopaedic surgeon.

Chander M. Kapasi M.D., M.P.H

Specializes in Preventive Medicine, and Comprehensive Pain Management

A.W. Ajeena M.D

Dr. Ajeena is a Harvard and UK trained board certified orthopaedic surgeon.